Reasons To Get Certified In Digital Marketing With DMI

Become Digital Marketing Expert with DMI Internationally Certified Courses

Do you want to know what are the reasons to get certified in digital marketing?
The main reason is that many employers and marketing professionals globally and regionally recognise qualifications from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

A DMI qualification holder receives extensive training in digital marketing to the highest industry standard.

NK Digital is DMI Authorised Platinum PartnerThe DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing teaches essential digital marketing skills, making it ideal for business owners, career changers, and all marketing professionals looking to advance their careers.

This is just one of the many reasons to get certified with the DMI.

Here are some of the many reasons to get certified with the DMI:

Increase Your Market Value

We all know there is a growing demand for skilled digital marketers worldwide. While the job openings for skilled marketers are plenty, there is not as much talent available to satisfy the current market demand.

Getting certified not only boosts your chances of landing a job but increases your market value to companies in need of your services. How nice it feels to be on demand!

Cost-Efficiency & Time-Savvy

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) online, on-demand courses offered by NKDigital in Zimbabwe, allows you to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience. You can learn from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to travel just to study. As a result, it is a time-saving option for both students and busy professionals.

With the relatively low prices for up to date of information from industry professionals, the DMI wins in the cost efficiency with ease over other online courses. And they also have payment plans for their diploma programs, that makes is highly attractive!

Receive a High-end Salary Package

Who doesn’t love an improved salary? Individuals with DMI certifications have more sophisticated skill sets, making them qualified to request better pay in exchange for their services. If you have been thinking of the best way to earn a salary increase this year, getting your professional certification is the ultimate way.

Internationally recognised certification in digital marketing with NK Digital

Internationals Jobs Board

All DMI students have access to a DMI special feature on its dashboard that enables its members to access and apply for job openings overseas.

You can find the most recent opportunities that match your requirements by using their Job Board feature. The Job Board also makes life easier for those job hunting in the digital marketing field as they can manage and keep track of all opportunities they are pursuing in one place.

Tip: Optimise your LinkedIn profile to better your chances!

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

This is when I really fell in love with the DMI Professional diploma program and what makes the DMI unique. After you have completed the Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program, you can use the membership resources to earn and track CPD points that will keep your certification current. Besides keeping your certification up to date you also can take refresher courses called Sprints anytime you feel like it and free of charge!

Continued Professional Development

Professional Membership

Every enrolled student gets to be a DMI Member for a period of 3-12 months depending on what qualifications one chooses.

One can put this accolade on the CV under Memberships of Professional Bodies but more importantly, the Membership provides access to CPD, webinars, practical toolkits, and premium content and can be accessed independently of the courses on offer.
Check the full benefits of it here.

Enhance Your Skills & Creativity

So as you can see from this write-up and my personal experience, this is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your skill set and learn new ones.

When you enrol in the DMI courses, you will be taught and trained to learn all of the relevant digital marketing industry concepts and skills and therefore you are more likely to land a job or advance in one the more proficient you are at using particular skill sets which is why enhancing your skills and creativity is critical.

The DMI digital courses offered right here in Zimbabwe will provide you with a wealth of new skills and practical exercises that will help you boost your career and job prospects.


In conclusion, obtaining a certification in digital marketing by the DMI demonstrates your commitment and determination to make efforts to advance your own set of skills.

You are more likely to land a job or advance in one the more proficient you are at using particular abilities.

I hope I was able to stress enough all the reasons to get certified. There are several career options in digital marketing, and you can choose what you want to do today.

Good luck and I hope you can share your experiences with us as well.
Bye for now
Timothy M & NK Digital Team



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