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From Graphic Designer to UX - Stephanie Bell
"Taking the Professional Diploma in UX Design has been one of the best things that I’ve ever done.  The Diploma actually changed my career and it’s given me the opportunity that I wanted."
Stephanie Bell​
UX Designer
The Hut Group
From carpentry to UX - Jonny Frazer
"Employers knew I had limited UX experience but they liked the fact that I was passionate about learning. I love what I do now and I wouldn’t be where I am without the UX Design Institute."
Jonny Fraser
UX Designer
From Operations Management to UX - Cassandra Cardiff
"The UX Design Institute gave me the support and portfolio I needed to move into UX, at the best price point. For me, it meant being able to get into a job within months of graduating."
Cassandra Cardiff
Research Lead
Pomegranate Media

A university-backed curriculum

The courses are credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). Credits are internationally recognised under the European Qualifications Framework. 

Glasgow Caledonian University accredited
European Qualifications Framework

Build Your Portfolio

You will create 16 real-world projects for hands-on experience on all the key aspects of UX design.

This professional portfolio will demonstrate to the employers your job readiness.

“My course portfolio is how I got my job, it shows that you have the knowledge. You can talk about UX design, but you can also present a body of work.”
Allessio's Testimonial - UX Design Diploma Course - Nikolina Kobali - Harare - Zimbabwe
Alessio Ferracuti
UX/UI Designer, IES Ltd
Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Who are these UX design courses for?

Professional diploma in UX design

Build your UX career with university credit-rated and globally recognised professional diploma course. 

Normal Price US$ 3250,
Intro price US$ 1950

Learn a full UX design process over a 6 or 12 months period in an online, self-paced format with extensive student and career support.

Professional Certificate in UI Design

Accelerate your career in just 12 weeks with this in-demand skillset.

US$ 1500

Learn the principles, techniques and craft of designing beautiful, pixel-perfect user interfaces.

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From a Graphic Designer to UX Designer

"I had five years of previous experience as a Graphic and Web Designer. I felt what I was doing in digital design was interesting, but there was so much that I needed to explore. I wanted to explore UX design because it felt like an industry that was really thriving. The knowledge gained from the course, teamed with my UX portfolio, is really what secured me my role as a UX designer."
From Graphic Designer to UX - Stephanie Bell
Stephanie Bell
UX Designer at The Hut Group​

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