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Digital technologies have changed the way we work, live, learn, and communicate.

We know this huge shift can pose challenges for your current work role and life in general.

This is why we offer a digital marketing course right for you designed as a globally recognized Certificates, Professional and Specialist Diplomas through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

These courses will future proof your career and allow you to gain the latest and most update to date digital marketing skills needed to thrive in today’s fast-evolving digital economy.

Choose your digital marketing course below.

Entry Level Courses

Short half-day courses available to anyone. Build your digital confidence with ease.

Entry Level

  • Understand digital fast
  • For beginners
  • Easy to access

Half day | Part-time | Online

Foundation Courses

Become a certified digital marketing professional with an international certification.

Foundation Level

  • International Certificate
  • Self-driven learning
  • Career enhancing

 10 Hours | Part-time | Online Video Lectures | 1hr Exam


Professional Courses

Become a real digital marketing professional with an international diploma.

Professional Level

  • International Diploma
  • Self-driven learning
  • Career building

 8-40 Hours | Part-time | Online Video or Live Lectures | 1.5-3hrs Exam

Specialist Courses

Transform business performance & progress your career. Become the specialist.

Specialist Level

  • International Specialist Diploma
  • Self-driven learning
  • Career specialization

 50 Hours | Part-time | Online Video Lectures | 3 hrs Exam

Courses Overseen by the Global Industry Advisory Council. Members include:

Dive straight in with a short course

Get the skills and knowledge you need to get started and do it yourself in these high impact once off courses

Introductory Courses

Short Courses

Entry Level

The digital revolution has transformed the way companies do business. As customer needs change, your marketing skills and skills of your employees need to change too and their digital skills are more important than ever.

Skills Development

International Short Courses

Foundation Level

Choose from a selection of short courses. All are delivered in bite-sized, innovative and interactive learning formats. Free Membership included.

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Membership Enquiry