Possible Careers in the Digital Marketing World
Digital marketing career choices

Generational divides can affect how we view and embrace the career landscape. We grow up seeing the world a particular way, then find it hard to look past that ingrained perspective when our own environment changes.

It’s important to acknowledge that in this time of economic uncertainty and unclear career prospects, digital technology is bringing a huge range of career possibilities when it comes to the workplace, and this affords plenty of careers in digital media and marketing.

Read on to discover some of the paths you could take in the digital marketing world

Marketing Through Digital Media

Whether it’s managing SEO to get websites ranking highly in Google, writing blogs, advertising on social media, or reviewing products, there are numerous avenues for marketing through technology. These avenues all remain viable well into the future.

What’s more important to know, there isn’t a particularly daunting barrier to entry for the digital media world. The best way to prepare for it as a possible career choice is to get ourselves to approach the existing online activity from an analytical perspective. Just about every person in the world today knows how to do anything you care to mention using a smartphone, One just needs to find a way to harness that understanding and you too could pursue a career in some of the below high-in-demand careers in digital marketing.

And as a bonus, we give you the links to the courses that you can enrol right here from Zimbabwe or Zambia and become a globally certified digital marketing professional.

1. Digital Marketing Executive

The Digital Marketing Executive is the person responsible for looking into marketing strategies for the company and creating and monitoring Campaigns.

What would this mean for you as an Exec?

You will be the person responsible for engaging with brands and clients so the important skills to have are great customer service; always be ready to bring out that killer smile, Yes, even on social media a smile can be your most important quality, and most of all working knowledge of all other digital marketing positions and job roles.

Recommended course: Digital Marketing International Diploma Course

Digital Marketing Executive

2. Search Engine Specialist/Marketer – SEM

The SEM is ultimately responsible for achieving maximum Return on Investment (ROI). This includes targeting the number of leads and clicks, managing bids, keyword research, analysis, and ad copywriting. This job requires possession of both the skills of the digital marketing manager and the SEO.

Recommended course: Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

3. Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing, like any other marketing, without strategy is like driving blindfolded. You know the fundamentals (steer, hit the gas to go and the brake to stop), but if you can’t see the road, you’ll likely to crash before you arrive at your destination.

“Digital marketing starts with broad strategic thinking, which needs to turn into a clear set of audience segmentation rules, a content plan, channel strategies, and response rules based on segment, behavior, and reaction,” Mike Zeederberg of ADMA says.

If you can develop a robust strategy – a roadmap for your business – you’re much more likely to get to where you want to be.

Recommended course: Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning

4. Social Media Manager

Social media has become an integral part of our lives – even more so since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also become one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal. But, like other aspects of digital marketing, social media is multi-faceted.

There are three core areas within social media that are really important.

The content – creating engaging posts that capture audience attention. Then there’s listening and data analytics – pulling important insights that inform content creation. Finally, there’s community management – providing front line customer service.

Therefore the social media practitioners need to understand how all three parts are interconnected and should be applied.

Recommended course: Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

5. Search Engine Optimizer – SEO

Search Engine Optimization is all about becoming Google’s best friend and this job requires a high level of technical skill and understanding of Google of course. A huge part of this job is keeping up with Google’s search algorithm, Creating and compiling performance reports using tools like Google analytics, and conducting keyword research.

This career path is right for you if you possess a high level of critical thinking, analytic skills, and some technical and programming skills as you will be dealing with a lot of basic HTML.

Recommended course: Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

6. Digital Marketing Copywriter

Also known as a content creator or marketer. This job entails writing the actual content used on social media accounts, blogs, and websites like this one. Perfect for any writer looking to work in an ever-changing market that doesn’t run out of trending content. The important thing to remember is to speak to your audience and develop a voice and style that is right for them. Other jobs that involve content creation are Content Editor, Content Marketing Manager which involves managing all blogs, vlogs, social media, and marketing campaigns.

Recommended course: Content Marketing

As you can see there are a lot of possible careers in digital media and marketing and they keep evolving and creating more career avenues. The future in digital marketing is secure and available as soon as now, all you need to do is support and equip yourself, starting with one of our globally certified courses in Digital marketing.

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