Developing a Website? The price you should pay, SSL & analytics (part 4)

developing a website - ssl, analytics & price

So developing a website is more complex than you thought, right?

But we can not finish this blog series without talking about other key aspects of creating a website being the security of your website, analytics, and of course the price you should pay for a good quality website.

Security (SSL Certificates)

In this era of digital, hacking became a big problem and you really want to make sure you have some basic security for your website. When you go to a website and it shows “HTTP” in the URL address of the website, it is a sign that the website does not have an SSL Certificate and it is not secure.

When visiting non-secure sites, the browser will show a ‘not secure’ or a small locked padlock icon warning whilst you are browsing the website. Hackers can steal your confidential data entering that website, as they can easily read your data that passes between the web server and the web browser. So ideally you should not be going into any sites that are do not have an “S” at the end of the HTTP in the URL/domain name as they are not secure.

un secure website warning image

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

a) To keep user data secure

b) Verify ownership of the website

c) Prevent hackers from creating a fake version of the site and

d) Gain user trust.

You can obtain a free SSL Certificate through Cloud Fare.

Analytics – critical tool when developing a website

It always amazes me how many business owners and companies do not know about Google Analytics and how many website developers do not provide this FREE service to their customers! It is almost like they want you to stay ignorant and not have an idea of how your website is performing and what you have paid your money for.

So my ranting aside, the advantage of digital marketing and creating a website is that you can track and measure almost anything that you or your team do on your website and how it performs.

So the last step in your website development is to have Google Analytics (GA) set up. This is a free Google service and will take under an hour of developer’s time to set it up but will give you valuable information such as:

  • How many visitors come to your website daily or monthly.
  • Are they new or returning visitors
  • Did they come directly to your website by typing your business URL address, or via Google search or via one of the social media channels that you are active on
  • From which geographic locations people are visiting your website
  • What type of devices are they using when browsing your website
  • What time of day and week do you get the most visitors to your website.

There is a wealth of information a business can gain from the free Google Analytics

So as you can see from this small snapshot of what GA can provide, this is all very valuable information that every company and business owner should know and track to see how the website is performing, does it shows any errors and who is visiting the website and from where.

If you wish to learn the basics of digital marketing as a system and the full role that Google Analytics plays in the system, enrol in my short course, Digital & Social Media Marketing for Beginners on this link.


The price for developing a website

Finally, about the price of developing a website.

From my experience and what I have seen with my clients over the past 5 years if you are offered to get a website for less than USD 800, you will probably get an empty shell or a “Postcard on the Internet” that will not really serve you growing your business.

Well designed and optimized website that includes the features I spoke about in this 3-parts blog series, takes at least 60 working hours to create even when you provide all the text/copy, photos, and videos to the developer that you want to have on your website.

So for a world-class standard business website that will help grow your business, you should budget between USD 800 – 1200. For an e-commerce website, you can expect the price to start at USD 1,500.

The choice is ultimately yours – a postcard on the internet OR a website that will grow your business in this 4th Digital Revolution.

I hope you found this blog series useful so you can get your money’s worth when developing or revamping your website.

I am looking forward to receiving your comments on the various aspects of the website development process and outcomes.

If you want us to conduct a mini audit of your website for only USD 50,  contact me today or send me an email on [email protected]

Bye for Now



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