UX And Website Design

Learn the principles of brilliant design and UX in this interactive short course. Learn to tie creative messaging, graphics, and user testing all together to a deliver fully optimized website.

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With a focus on career-ready learning, and delivered through a blend of essential reading, case studies and useful toolkits, this course will quickly make you familiar with the core principles and best practices in UX and Web design.

Key skills and competencies you will gain

Get the skills to stay relevant in an ever changing digital world.

Get all the key and latest digital marketing skills with this course. We offer the most current and relevant industry thinking available and we do this by constantly updating our courses to meet industry changes. Delivered by skills experts working in the field, we ensure you’ve got the most up to date and relevant learning, always.

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The global standard in digital marketing training

Join over 130,000 members around the world, working for some of the world’s top companies using DMI to keep their careers and skills relevant. 81% of our members have been promoted upon completion of one of our courses and 53% have got a salary increase.

Here's what we will cover in this course

In this module we’ll show you the questions you need to ask when creating your website. We show you how to measure what happens when customers visit your site, and how to improve their experience.

Your visitors are far more likely to become paying customers if you give them an easy to use experience. This module teaches you to think like your customers, and how to solve their problems.

From imagery to sales copy, this module teaches you how to deliver brilliant, eye catching creative that resonates for your customers.

Learn how your customers find and interact with your website. Learn to improve user journeys and build a mobile friendly experience your visitors.

Your website looks and feels great, but do you know if your customers feel the same? Here, we teach you how to research their behavior with Analytics, and set clear identifiable goals for your site.

"Nikolina’s patience, professionalism, and expertise helped me fall in love with the art of digital marketing and as a result, I scored above industry averages in my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. I am truly grateful for her help and am looking forward to attaining many future accomplishments with her.
I have gained a mentor, friend, and business associate.
Thank you so much Nikolina, you rock!!"
Brenda Kamoto
Finance & Strategy Professional

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