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If you haven’t yet heard about the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), the global leader in digital marketing certification, this is your chance to become a part of this life-changing community.

DMI sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling certification, offering Certified Digital Marketing Professional programs, as well as Specialist Diplomas, Post-Graduate and Master’s degrees in digital marketing.

With over 20,000 graduates in more than 115 countries, you can now obtain your Digital Marketing Training right here in Zimbabwe from us at NKDigital as the DMI official partner and become a part of the fastest growing Digital Marketing community right here in Zimbabwe.

Being a part of this growing community allows you to have access to their specialist product team and work closely with leading industry experts.

Keeping up with changing trends can be difficult as a Digital Marketer but they ensure that their vast pool of knowledge stays up to date by partnering with brands such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Being a member gives you up to 12 months’ free access to this vast pool of knowledge that is continuously updated.

‘Designed to help in your day-to-day role as a Digital Marketer the content library is Informed by alumni, practitioners and subject matter experts, bursting at the seams with relevant and cutting-edge content designed to keep your skills sharp and knowledge current.’

The membership will not only introduce you to key opportunities around the world but will act as a great networking tool to help you stay relevant in the industry and act as a leading resource tool for educators, students, and professionals alike.

What to expect from DMI Membership?

* Expert practical and thought leading content to guide your career
• High-quality templates to boost your employability
• A career zone to support professional development
• Access to the latest industry news and updates
• Just-In-Time (J-I-T) learning activities through webinars and online programs

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