Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is still one of the most underutilized platforms in Zimbabwe but still 2nd most popular platform besides Facebook beating both Twitter and Instagram.

Now some of you might be thinking,” No, this can’t be true” but here is where the good news comes in when it comes to your business.

Pinterest drives 3.8 times more sales than other platforms and 87% of Pinners (Pinterest users) have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
According to Global Stats, ‘We rank social media sites according to their traffic generation capabilities i.e. the amount of traffic they refer to other websites. We do NOT rank social media sites according to the amount of traffic they receive.’ And this is the strength of Pinterest as it has huge capabilities in generating traffic to your business website.

So if you’re starting your business and launching your website or trying to increase your website visits you should open a Pinterest account right away.

Here are some of our tips on how to get the best out of Pinterest.

1. Always Add a Link to Your Website

This feature alone sets Pinterest apart and is one of the reasons why Pinterest ranks much higher than Instagram when it comes to referrals.

Whilst you still can’t add a link to your posts of Instagram, you can add a link to your website, product or service on each Pin to truly maximize on what this platform can do for you.

2. Convert Your Personal Account to a Pinterest for Business Profile

After you’ve created your account just like with Facebook its essential to create your business account. You can follow this link to convert your personal account into a business profile:

This is an important step as it opens you up to Pinterest analytics and Pinterest ads.

3. Think of Pinterest as a Search Platform Instead of a Social Network

When a user searches for, ’Digital Marketing’ all the relevant pins show up giving them access to the different images and boards created by brands.

When creating your pins remember your target audience and always create pins with them in mind and figure out which searches you want your business to show up under and use these as keywords for your pins.

4. Add The ’Pin It’ Or The ’Save It’ Button to Your Website

Have you ever gone to a website, hovered over an image and seen a little red Pinterest button pop up? That’s the Pin It button, and it allows Pinterest users to easily pin your content to their boards directly from your website.

Similar in functionality is the Save it button which allows users to save your content right onto their Pinterest Boards.

Both of these make it simpler to share your content, meaning more people are likely to do just that.

5. Content Is King but Always Add a Rich Pin

Remember that the core of your strategy should be content and with Pinterest, this means beautiful aesthetic content.

Create engaging boards with easy to read content and always remember to add a Rich Pin.

Rich Pins come in 4 different formats.

  • Product Pin, which allows you to add real-time pricing and information of your product.
  • Recipe Pins, perfect for those who are in the business of food. Recipe Pin will give a snapshot of your recipe’s ingredients, cooking time and serving size all in the one post!
  • Article Pin, perfect for blogs or articles. This pin allows followers to easily save and share your articles and posts that interest them. Each Article Pin highlights the headline, author and story description underneath the Pin image.
  • App Pins: These Pins are great if you have an app for your business and want to reach new audiences on Pinterest. The App Pin shows an “install button” so users can download your app without ever leaving Pinterest!Note: App Pins are only compatible with iOS apps.

Last but not least, Optimize your Pinterest

As mentioned above because of the search functionality, Pinterest can be a gold mine for SEO.

Just about any Google image search related to ideas, inspiration or products will return a slew of top results which come from Pinterest make sure you are always using your keywords and targeting your audience with each post.

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