Four Benefits of Facebook for business pages

The benefits of Facebook for Business pages to your business are numerous and some are similar to other digital platforms your business can use such as your website and emails. The combined unique benefits listed below make Facebook a very important tool to increase your brand visibility and potentially sales not forgetting that all social media platforms need to support your business website and overall business goals.

Facebook for Business is a low-cost marketing strategy

Marketing activities that usually cost thousands of dollars through other channels, like Billboards, can be used on Facebook for a fraction of the cost. It’s free to open up a Facebook page for your business and promote your business. Facebook allows targeted advertisements. These ads have very minimal charges depending on what you choose. Paying attention to what the market thinks about your business, your industry, a product or a marketing campaign can provide valuable information.

Share basic information about your business

Your Facebook page is a place where you can publicize your business name, location, and contact details, and briefly describe your products and services. Your page is also space where you have unlimited space to freely post any content relating to your business. This is likely to attract new Facebook users to your page and create interest in your business.

Immediate Customer Care

A benefit of Facebook for your business is that you can use Facebook to ‘talk’ to existing and potential customers by posting and receiving messages. Customers can post after-sales questions on your Facebook wall, and your staff can answer them  This is more efficient than staff answering phone calls, and it allows other customers to read common questions and answers without having to approach you individually. The relationship created from such conversations increases your credibility and promotes your business by building long-term relationships with other users.

Your Facebook pages should steer traffic to your website

Many businesses that we work with report that the greatest benefit of Facebook is the extra traffic that it steers to its website. This is due to them having optimized their Facebook page to get the best from it,  and also investing in advertising on Facebook. The link to your website exposes visitors to stronger marketing messages giving the option to purchase your goods and services.

Research indicates that customers who come to your website from Facebook are likely to be more receptive than the average visitor because they already know something about your business and were motivated to click the website link.

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