The 4 New Instagram Updates

New Instagram Update

The social media space is constantly “updated” and whilst some updates are bug fixes and maintenance issues, some updates drastically change the way social media is managed. In November Instagram made some changes that we need to learn. Here are the main 4 updates you need to be aware of to be a more effective social media manager.

1. Home Screen Redesigned

Firstly Instagram redesigned the home screen. They have added a Reels and Shop tab to the bottom menu, replacing the camera and activity shortcuts for all users. The camera and activity options have been moved to the top of the home screen, right beside the Instagram Direct icon. The Reels tab replicates the famous TikTok-like experience, and it automatically opens on a video posted by any public account.

The update reflects Instagram’s bid to offer creators more exposure and push the short-form video format. “This year we’ve seen an explosion in short, entertaining videos,” says Instagram head Adam Mosseri in a post. “ We’ve also seen more people buying online and looking for creators for shopping recommendations.

The recent updates also include options for Reels to save, browse, and share audio.

2. Product tags now available for Instagram ads

Brands currently can already add product tags to Instagram posts. The new update means they can add them to Instagram ads, too. When clicked on, these tags allow people to see product details, add it to a wish list, or make a purchase. They can be created in Ads Manager, or by promoting existing shoppable posts.

3. Shoppable ads

Shoppable ads were introduced alongside new audience tools, including Shopping Engagement Custom Audiences. This custom audience lets brands target people who have previously shown an interest in their content.

Shopping Lookalike Audiences target people with similar profiles to a brand’s existing customers. This is a great tool for targeting customers who were not click converted. Small businesses will have access to training, support, and insights on these features and more through Facebook and Instagram’s Seasons of Support initiative.

Shoppable ads and tags Example

4. Expanded Live length limit

The latest update to Instagram Live allows creators to broadcast for up to four hours and gives them up to 30 days to save the recording. A dedicated “Live Now” section will soon show up in the Explore tab as well. This is one of the major new Instagram updates that have a lot of content creators and brands happy.

All of these updates are integral tools for a social media manager to create content, target specific customers, and improve ads. So well done to Instagram for these four new updates and let’s all keep up in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

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