Beginners Guide to Advertising on Twitter

Twitter Ads

Last week we talked about some of our tips for running Twitter for your business and if your account is set and ready to go it’s time to take it a step further and begin advertising.

Twitter has over 328 million global monthly active users, and more than 67% of those users are likely to purchase from a brand they follow on Twitter so it’s easy to see why your brand would benefit from being on this particular social network.

Twitter ads work in one of two ways.

  1. Twitter Promote Mode

    With twitter promote mode, twitter charges you a fixed monthly fee to promote your organic tweets (if they pass through their filter) and twitter account to your target audience throughout the month.

    Twitter calls this the Always on Promotion method.

    ‘’Short on time? Twitter Promote Mode automates your brand marketing efforts for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, enabling you to focus on creating your best Tweets.”

    The biggest advantage here is that you do not have to actively choose what to boost each day as Twitter completely automates the process for you. Allowing your audience to see Tweet updates, links and media. Twitter will not promote any shares or retweets so you’re ensured that only your own brand tweets will be sent out.

    Important to note: Twitter does not allow you to schedule the same tweet multiple times a day as stated under their new guidelines, but they will allow you to retweet your own tweet if you want to share it again.

    2. Quick Promote

    This method allows you to promote your best performing tweet straight to new audiences or to promote your account.

    The biggest advantage of this is that Twitter allows you to pick a specific audience with 350 interest categories to choose from or you can even use your own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) list to target even more precisely.

    You can then choose what your goal is for promoting the ad. For example, a) to gain more followers or b) to get more website clicks and you only pay when someone does exactly the action that you want them to, i.e. only after they follow your account or after they click onto your website link.

    Another part of Quick Promote is, Promoted Trends

    This is the most expensive Twitter ad type ranging anywhere around $200 000 per day but with the highest ROI because your trend shows up across millions of users screens and is set to get them talking.

Now that you know all the Twitter Ad types when creating your Twitter campaign don’t forget to create engaging and eye-catching tweets.

The platform was made for large amounts of ever moving content so you need to make sure that your campaign stands out and you can do this by incorporating images, memes, and gifs.

Create high-quality visuals but also remember to make your Ads fun!

Because Twitter has a huge and growing user base we encourage your business to get started today.

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