Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

If you’re new to this 140-character turned 280-character world then you are missing out on a wealth of entrepreneurs and customers just waiting to connect!

Currently the third most used social media platform in the country, it’s an important tool that your business cannot afford to miss out on.

Here are 6 reasons why.

1. It’s a search engine
Just like Google, even if as a business, you never post on Twitter although we suggest that you do, Twitter can act as a search engine for your business.

With millions of users who is better to let you know what your audience is thinking than your audience themselves? Being one of the most real time conversational centric platforms you not only gain insight into what your current and potential customers are thinking of you but what they are thinking of your competitors as well.

2. Get in on the conversation
Think of Twitter as this huge festival that never ends with millions of people attending BUT you don’t know anyone there. There is no magic wand that you can wave and gain followers just like that so the first step is that you show up and be there.

No matter how good your products or services are or how good that profile picture you put up looks none of these matters if there’s no one there to see that so as a brand you need to make sure to join in the conversation, find out what’s trending locally and share your opinion from a perspective that is unique to your brand.

3. Accumulate like-minded followers
Now that we have joined in the conversation, it’s time to join in on the right conversations. Check out the trending hashtags in your field, is it #digitalmarketing, #digitallearning?

Now that you know what’s trending, WHO is behind these posts? It’s time to follow the thought leaders in your industry.

Remember Twitter is one big party so do not be afraid to follow, retweet and share what other people in your industry are sharing or simply click on that heart because now not only do they know that you’re also attending the party but they might let their followers know about you too.

4. Create a Twitter list and target people to add to that list
So let’s say we follow people in digital marketing sphere. You should create a list and add those people we follow. And this is where the magic can start when we create this list all the users we added will get a notification on their account letting them know that you added them.

When selecting the name for the list of followers, give it a name like, ‘My favourite digital marketers’ or ‘Digital marketers to look out for’ and you’ll be sure that these users will be more likely to consider your brand as well. So now you are not only on their radar but you can also start creating a special relationship with them and further conversations and collaborations can grow from there.

5. Let your emailing list know you’re on Twitter
You already have an audience that’s out there you might not have connected to them on Twitter and what better way to do so than just letting them know?

You can also additionally include promotions or contests or simply let your emailing list know that you will retweet any posts directly linked to your brand or linked to your industry with a specific hashtag and add embedded code at the end of your blog or your email leading them straight to your Twitter account

6. Do not overlook the basics
It’s safe to say that you already know that as a brand, image is everything that said, do not overlook the simple stuff.

Make sure to upload a professional looking profile picture and cover that leaves the customer clearly knows what it is that your company does.

Also remember to fill in that bio with your company bio and include a link to your website.

Lastly remember content is king even on Twitter, make sure to share lots of images and videos that will keep your audience engaged.

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