Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

Welcome to the millennial age of sharing images about everything all day, every day.

If you haven’t yet heard about Instagram, this is an image sharing platform with close to a billion users and growing that is now under the Facebook banner.

Instagram is continuously rolling out new features specifically for businesses so if you haven’t yet created your account right now would be the right time to do it.

Here are our Pro Tips how to best use Instagram for your business if this is the audience that you are targeting with your products and services.

Pro Tip 1: Create Your Account!

That’s it, just get started.

Remember this is a visual social platform so make sure to add in a profile picture and don’t miss out on adding your Website URL as this will be the only clickable link on your page and then CONVERT your account into a business page.

This will give you access to both in-depth analytics and additional contact and location information for people to get in touch with you as this will add additional buttons onto your page that are not available on regular accounts.

Pro Tip 2: Find Your community

Like any other social media platform it’s essential to find where your audience is and this is the most clear on Instagram. Instead of focusing on growing your numbers fast, start thinking of how to build and nurture one on one relationships.

A great way to do this is to follow hashtags that are relevant to your specific niche for example: #digitalmarketing or #digitallearning and more importantly check out your location specific hashtags like #zimbabwe, #zambia, #africa and begin creating relationships with the people who are already engaging with these specific hashtags.

Pro Tip 3: Inceltivize Your Audience to Tag You in Their Pictures

This type of free advertising is gold for any business or brand as this allows you to tap into your audiences, audience, all while leading them back to your page.

You can also additionally do shout outs the fans on your page and show off pictures of other satisfied customers and tag them which is the Instagram version of testimonials.

Pro Tip 4: You as a business don’t actually have to be on Instagram in-order to utilize it.

Yes, I know, I know we have spent all this time talking about creating an Instagram account but Instagram is the Queen of Influence Marketing.

Many brands across the world have bought into the amazing and forever growing world of influencer marketing.

This means that you as a business can pay influencers to showcase your services or products in their Instagram posts.

This tactic works well when you remember to target influencers in your niche, if the influencer specifically posts about a healthy vegan lifestyle and you sell meaty burgers, their audience isn’t likely to buy your product but if you find the right influencer whose audience is similar to your audience you get to benefit from the trust and relationships that they have already created.

Moreover you don’t have to concentrate on the influencer with the most followers. Instead of paying one Instagram influencer with 100k Followers who you have to pay thousands of dollars you can instead target 5 different micro influencers who might work in exchange for free products or at a cheaper price which is great for you as a business if you are just starting up.

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