How to Pick the Digital Marketing Career Right for You

Choosing the right Digital Marketing career

Part 1

In the past weeks, we’ve covered the what and how’s of digital marketing and you might be wondering what would your Digital Marketing Career really look like and what specialist roles you could choose from depending on your natural affinities either towards writing, analytics and project management.

Here are some of the digital marketing jobs you can look forward to in your digital marketing career.

1. Digital Marketing Executive

The Digital Marketing Executive is the person responsible for looking into marketing strategies for the company and creating and monitoring Campaigns.

What would this mean for you as an Exec?

You will be the person responsible for engaging with brands and clients so the important skills to have are great customer service; always be ready to bring out that killer smile, Yes even on social media a smile can be your most important quality and most of all working knowledge of all other digital marketing positions and job roles.

2. Search Engine Optimizer – SEO

Search Engine Optimization is all about becoming Google’s best friend and this job requires a high level of technical skill and understanding Google of course.

A huge part of this job is keeping up with Google’s search algorithm, Creating and compiling performance reports using tools like Google analytics and conducting keyword research.

This career path is right for you if you possess a high level of critical thinking, analytic skills, and some technical and programming skills as you will be dealing with a lot of basic HTML and don’t forget to become friends with your Excel because Data manipulation is a big part of the game too.

3. Digital Marketing Copywriter

Also known as content creator. This job entails writing the actual content used on social media accounts, blogs and websites like this one. Perfect for any writer looking to work in an ever-changing market that doesn’t run out of trending content.

The important thing to remember is to speak to your audience and develop a voice and style that is right for them.

Other jobs that involve content creation are Content Editor, Content Marketing Manager which involves managing all blogs, vlogs, social media and marketing campaigns.

4. PPC Specialist

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a tool for all paid advertising done over the internet. If you’ve boosted a Facebook post lately it is based on a PPC model, and PPC Specialist are internet advertising specialist that ensures that you are not simply making Facebook and Google richer without getting your money’s worth.

As a PPC Specialist you’re in charge of maximizing all advertising efforts across different social media platforms and search engines such as Google. So, this function is great for all those people already involved in traditional forms of advertising and would love to run different advertising campaigns across the internet.

5. Search Engine Specialist/Marketer – SEM

The SEM is ultimately responsible for achieving maximum Return on Investment (ROI). This includes targeting the number of leads and clicks, managing bids, keyword research, analysis and ad copywriting.

This job requires you to possess both the skills of the digital marketing manager and the SEO.

6. Marketing Analyst

Anyone ever told you that a big part of marketing is basic psychology. Well-being a marketing analyst involves getting to know your client/ customer and being able to predict their needs and actions and turning those into sells.

So what does a marketing analyst do? They gather all the data used to create marketing campaigns, from consumer demographics, preferences, needs and buying habits. This job involves a high level of consumer engagement from interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, surveys, polls, reviews and so much more.

7. Data Scientist

If you Google data science you’ll get something about ‘using scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and data in various forms.’ Well as a data scientist in a digital marketing world you are at the fore front of providing predictive modelling to provide marketing solutions to business problems.

8. Conversion Rate Optimizer

In simple terms this is the person that is responsible for determining which call to actions are working. This is one of the most important jobs in digital marketing because they work to ensure lead generation and managing conversion points. Ie) this is the person that makes sure as a company you provide the customer with their need before they even look for it.

A big part of this job is being a team player, you will need to strategize and coordinate with each team responsible for email, blogging and website to optimize conversion paths.

As you can see there are several jobs and careers in the digital marketing world to choose from.

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