How to Pick the Digital Marketing Career Right for You – Part 2

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Part 2

Last week we covered the different types of roles you could train for in a Digital Marketing Career and this week we are going to cover the different places you can work as a digital marketer.

The first choice you will have to make is whether you want to work for a company or an agency.

Traditionally agencies offer you the most space to be creative; with multiple clients coming in and out you are guaranteed to never get bored. In this digital age however internationally there are many types of agencies to consider.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

You guessed right, these are the agencies that do everything, so if you’re looking to learn and learn quick, these fast paced environments are the right fit for you. As they will have a range of clients coming in and out and what’s a bigger test for your creativity than working for multiple brands at a time?

SEO Companies

If you remember what SEO is, you know it’s all about Search Engine Optimization. You can check out this article for a quick refresher. These agencies are all about improving your Google ranking.

Digital Marketing Consultant

These agencies like the full service marketing agencies major in everything, but unlike their counterparts they only come in on a consultancy basis helping clients improve on their digital marketing before moving on to the next one.

Pay-Per-Click Agency

This type of agency is all about making sure their clients get their monies worth in the digital advertising world and this type of agency is perfect for anyone wanting to work in the advertising world and if you’ve forgotten what pay-per-click is then get a little refresher from one of our previous articles here.

Creative Agencies

These agencies are great for all the artist and creative’s at heart. They specialise in branding, design, visuals, and making sure each product doesn’t just look good but stands out to this digital market.

Content Agencies

Speaking to all the writers, photographers and videographers that are all about content production, promotion, and social media. This is the center of all digital and social media marketing and these agencies are great for those who would love to be always creating content.

On the complete other spectrum of the digital marketing world is working for a company or a brand. This means you not only get to specialize but you get to grow with the brand or the company. Working for one company allows you to get in-depth knowledge of the audience that you are marketing to in a way that is impossible within an agency. You’ll learn how to create and execute a long term vision and digital marketing strategy for your brand and you will develop the skills needed to nurture your brand, carve out its identity and best position it to your target market.

Now I can hear you asking, where can I make the most money?

Well, brands and companies usually offer higher starting salaries than Agencies. Simply because agencies require you to improve on your client management skills before you are earning the big bucks. Think of it this way, the better your customer service and the higher your customer satisfication the more clients ask for you specifically when they come to your agency. Growth in a brand however can take years, because a promotion might mean waiting for someone to retire or get fired and can sometimes mean getting another job within another company.

In any case there is a high demand for digital marketing professionals no matter which path you take so begin your digital marketing journey now with our globally recognised Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.


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