The Future Of Digital Marketing In Africa

Future of Digital in Africa

Future of Africa is DigitalAfrica is no stranger to digital marketing but it has long been debated if the continent has fully embraced digital marketing. In Africa, are we investing enough in digital marketing and new technologies? I would like to think we are considering the high demand for digital marketers recently. I still believe there is more to be done. So what do you think the future of digital marketing is in Africa?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses had already adopted digital marketing. The rise even continued during the pandemic, and I’m sure a lot of individuals thought this would slow down in time. In reality, customers had gotten used to a faster way of shopping and looking for products online. This meant businesses had to be competitive, but most importantly, they had to be visible online. Digital marketing also presents a chance to show your business to the whole world and find a new audience.

The future is not so easy to predict but there are some things we can expect and prepare for.

Increase in demand for digital marketers

This is something that I expect to continue to happen, and I would love to think that the demand would even be higher than what it is now. As we become more dependent on our online presence, companies will sort out whether to hire not just one but a team of digital marketers, each bearing different responsibilities. My prediction is that each digital channel will be so important that a specialist will be needed to reap the desired results.

The high demand for digital marketers will also mean that we will have to demand a lot from ourselves, break new ground and keep up to date with technologies relevant to the field. So there is a lot to learn if we’re to be able to meet the demand and satisfy the market.

Increase In Online Ad Spend

People Are Using The Internet To Find Products OnlineDeveloped countries have long used online advertising as part of their strategies. In Africa, paid ads are well-known but not really used.

Many small businesses usually prioritize organic results since they run on tight budgets.

However, this is about to take a huge turn as the competition gets more intense. The first battle is to appear in the local results, and this translates to the global results as well. This can only mean that companies in Africa will invest more in paid advertising than ever before as businesses try to outdo each other. It’s quite easy to embrace new trends when facing competition.


High Content Demand

Yes, I believe there will be a huge rise in the demand for content. If we’re being honest we’re living in that reality like now. Customers are more active than ever. Sometimes it’s not just to buy but to see interesting content. Our current reality is looking for that next social media post or that video that you can share with your friends and the world. Content will always be in demand because we all relate to it.

Data Should Become Your Best Friend

I have always loved data. Data has always been useful since it connects all of your efforts. The data and your objectives should be linked and this is why data will continue to become more important for your brand. If you look at how data influences business decisions as of now what more in years to come as both data analytics and marketing continue to evolve?

Before I download a new app or buy something online, I always check for reviews, ratings, and more. That’s also data and that data is useful for the customer.

Remember data is not only used for the business side but also for the customers.


It’s easy to see the potential for the growth of digital marketing in Africa. There are so many things to be done and so many countries still developing leaving a lot of room for opportunities. What else do you see in the future of digital marketing in Africa?

Whatever the outcome will be it’s important to know that we’re the future of digital marketing in Africa. It’s our drive and our knowledge that will make the future brighter and even bigger than we all imagine.


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