Become a Better Sales Person with Social Selling

digital and social selling

There’s this misconception that Digital Marketing is all about posting on Social Media platforms numerous posts in a course of a day or week. Knowing the right digital marketing tools and more importantly how to implement them in this digital era can be the difference between becoming a successful sales person or being left behind.

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Social selling, as one of the tools of digital marketing, is important to your sales process because it focuses on building lasting relationships. Instead of thinking of your audience as people you can blast over and over with posts of your products, start interesting, educational and entertaining conversations that lead to building relationships with your potential clients.

You know the saying, “People Don’t Remember What You Did But They Will Always Remember How You Made Them Feel?” Create that emotional connection with your audience, so that they connect with your brand when they are ready.

When conducting Social Selling remember the key component is being social even after a user has clicked on your website or done that important first step of contacting you. Do remember they probably still aren’t quite ready to make a purchase, and they probably clicked on your ad or link to your site on a whim because they enjoyed or connected with the right piece of content.

Instead of instantly selling to them focus on building a relationship by simply making them do a first step such as sign up to get an useful piece of information related to your business so you can than set up a selling funnel through email marketing and staying on top of their mind as they go through their buyers journey.

Another important thing to remember is sometimes over time small purchases can mean more than one big purchase. So instead of selling them your biggest package to start off, you can email them weekly sales or bonuses on some of your smaller items.

Here is where your sales goals come in. When you set clear cut goals for yourself setting up a system to meet these goals becomes that much easier.

So instead of aiming to become profitable in a day maybe your goal is to make $100 000 is 6 months and you can turn your audience into long term customers by making sure that every action you take with your prospect is leading you towards your goal.

Another thing to remember is to get specific and do not sell to everyone – get connected but not to everybody! It’s important to remember that digital marketing allows you to become an industry thought leader but that those thoughts are only useful to people who are already interested in your specific niche.

Even if you think of yourself as being talented enough to sell shoes to a snake, that snake isn’t likely to make a repeat purchase and your goal is to keep the money coming in.

Finally, make contact!

A lot of people are actively using ads and selling through their stories but have you ever tried just saying Hi? When you make personalised contact with your prospect they are more likely to buy what you’re selling than when you send them a mass message.

Remember to use their name and try to get to know them before hand, research is key and mutual interests or commenting on their profile or page is always a great place to start.

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