Social Media Manager Must Have Skills (Part 1)

A wide range of skills is a necessity for any good social media manager to create engaging content that will convert their followers into customers. So, if you are not sure where to start as you are looking to become a social media manager or you are aspiring to upskill from a traditional marketer to a digital one, here are some essential skills of any successful social media manager.

Social Media Manager – what is it?

Social media managers are often called the “voice of the company” or are referred to as “community managers”. A social media manager is the person who monitors, creates, executes and measures a company’s or organization’s social media presence and its brand, product or services.

Social Media Managers – what do they do?

Social media managers usually work across several social media networks where a company or organization has its presence.  They create and maintain a specific product or brand promotions, run different marketing campaigns as well as maintain company information to be accessible and useful to the current and potential customers.

An important part of their job is to monitor and track analytics that most social media platforms nowadays provide free of charge. They also respond to questions and comments according to the company’s voice and guidelines.

As social media managers produce daily new content based on fresh and engaging ideas they need to measure how these ideas perform. Keeping up with new trends as well as industry and off course company news is essential for any social media manager.

The social media director, usually in large companies or organizations, or the head of content or brand, supervises a social media manager as well as coordinates marketing and public relations teams, and in some cases the legal department to create the synergies between various companies initiatives and marketing campaigns.

The below infographic from Meltwater demonstrates the complexities of social media managers tasks that he or she might need to do on an average day.

social media marketing is that all infographic

In the next blog, we will outline some specific skills that every social media manager should have.

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