How Much You Could Earn from Digital Marketing?

It’s safe to say everyone wants to make money and with the entire world going Digital what if we told you that Digital Marketing was the key to unlocking your financial desires.

Technology today has offered us many opportunities in the Tech World to gain the income from our dreams.

With various career paths that you can find (HERE) this is how much you can make as a Digital Marketer!

Looking at the UK where there is a huge digital marketing skills gap, being a certified digital marketer not only make you a high earner in your field but in each discipline a well.

The average salary for digital marketing jobs in the UK are outlined below:

  • Retail/wholesale – £42,500
  • IT & Internet – £37,500
  • Marketing, advertising & PR – £32,500
  • Media, new media & creative – £32,500
  • Recruitment – £29,750
  • Education – £27,000

The average salary for specific disciplines within digital marketing are:

  • UX Expert – £47,500
  • Web Analytics Specialist – £37,500
  • PPC Specialist – £37,500
  • SEO Specialist – £32,500
  • Email Marketing Specialist – £29,000
  • Social Media Manager- £29,000

In the US, a content specialists earns an average of $60,000 a year, a SEO specialist can earn between $52,000-$94,000 and a community manager $49,000-$93,000 annual salary.

At management level, an e-commerce manager is looking at between $83,000 and $130,000 a year, an account director will earn $93,000 – $155,000 and a digital marketing manager will take in $80,000-$126,000. Staggering, isn’t it!

In South Africa, the average annual salary is R256,150 depending on year of experience in the field as per below tables.

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Around the world, the average salary tends to differ from location to location with the averages around the globe being:

Other places around the World – average annual salaries for certified digital marketers:

  • Nigeria: N120, 000 – N240, 000
  • Philippines: PHP 310 ,891
  • India: Rs 304 ,844
  • Australia: AUS$78,786

The highest paying digital marketing jobs include CMO, VP of MarTech Solution, and VP of digital marketing. Some of the most valuable skills needed to attain those jobs include, MarTech solutions, SEO skills, and Google analytics knowledge.

Salaries vary from skill to skill level but with the high demand for the Digital Marketing Professionals around the globe you can find the Digital Marketing job suited for you especially now when you can access the World class, international certification right here at your doorstep at our preferential prices. Check our courses on


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