How LinkedIn Can Improve Your Career

Everyone keeps saying that LinkedIn is the key to getting your next job but you’ve been on it for a long time now and you’re still wondering just how it can help you? Or you don’t know exactly how to get it working in the first place?

Well, we have you covered with our 5 tips to leverage LinkedIn for your career.

 “Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘Look at me!’ without saying ‘Look at me!”

–Bobby Darnell, Principal of Construction Market Consultants

  1. Always Network

Start building your network well before you even need it. You might be saying I am still a junior employee or a student and I will only need a job a year from now.

Here is our advice – start networking now!

As 85% of jobs are acquired through great networking think of it like your interview before THE interview.

  1. Turn Your Profile into Your Portfolio

What if your LinkedIn account could show just how good you are at what you do without you even having to say it?

Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to showcase your skills and talents and help the right people and opportunities find their way to you. As your professional representation online, upload an example of your work to your profile such as presentation, poster or video that demonstrates your skills and experience.

  1. Post Content Frequently

Like with other social media accounts, content is King and consistency is Key.

Post something several times a week. Whether you write weekly blogs or want to share an interesting article you found, post it on LinkedIn as well! Keeping the information flowing keeps your connections interested and it guarantees that you are always fresh on their minds when that new job opportunity pos up.

  1. Optimize for Google

LinkedIn is powerful in google search results, Search for “Digital Marketing Specialists in Zimbabwe” for instance, and LinkedIn has two search engine results in the top ten. To optimize for Google, take a look at the profiles that are appearing in Google’s results. Edit your professional title to include your keyword (i.e. “Digital Marketing Specialist”). Measure by evaluating the increase in views after implementing this change.

  1. Get LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements

In LinkedIn, Recommendations are important because the most powerful marketing tool is and has been Word of Mouth marketing. Strong recommendation from those who worked with you highlights your strengths and shows that you were a valued employee.

Endorsements are also a great way to highlight specific skill sets you have.

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