Facebook Business Suite & Other Tools


Facebook launched different tools over the years that help with the management of Facebook pages including Facebook business suite, Facebook Creator Studio, and Facebook Business Manager. It might get overwhelming at times for a marketer so let us break it down.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite was launched in late 2020 to replace the ”Pages Manager” app. If you used the Pages Manager app you were invited to try the new Business Suite. The Business Suite itself attempts to simplify communication with your audience, connecting with your customers, and managing your business in Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Business Suite allows you to do the following:

  1. See insights about your business pages on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Create Ads
  3. Get notifications all in one place
  4. Read and respond to messages that are combined from Facebook & Instagram
  5. Manage your business across Facebook and Instagram
  6. Create and schedule cross-posts to both Facebook and Instagram at the same time

Facebook Creator Studio

Creator Studio is very similar to Facebook Business Suite as it also does:

  1. See insights about your business pages on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Read and respond to messages and comments from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Direct
  3. Create and schedule posts and publish to Facebook and Instagram

But besides these features, Creator Studio allows you to view and manage more features like:
Create different content types:

  1. Standard posts & Stories
  2. Videos to cross-post
  3. Playlists & Series
  4. Clips & Instant Articles
  5. Get in-depth insights about videos, Stories and Instant Articles
  6. Access Monetization options and Brand Collabs Manager
  7. Access Creative Tools: live dashboard and sound collection

Business Suite is a way to create and cross-post to Facebook and Instagram and allows you to follow the basic performance of your pages. The tool also provides an easy-to-use interface to follow up on messages and to connect with your audiences. If you are looking for more in-depth performance insights and more advanced post-setup options, Creator Studio is still the best tool to use.

So what about Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is known by managers that advertise on the Facebook Platform. Pages and Instagram accounts are linked to Business Manager from the moment you start advertising.

What is the purpose of a Business Manager?

1. Manage all your assets in one place
Pages / Instagram accounts / Whatsapp accounts
Ad Accounts

2. Manage access to all your assets
Add people
Add partners
Add system users

3. Create and manage performance, optimization and data pixel events
Facebook Pixels
Custom Conversions

4. Manage Brand Safety, Registrations and Integrations
Manage Payment Options
Manage Business requests, notifications and general Business Settings

Business Manager is meant to ‘manage’ your Digital assets and to make sure your Business is set up following best practices and ready to advertise on the Facebook Family of Apps.

In conclusion

Facebook plans to make the Business Suite the main interface for businesses of all sizes who use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger over the coming months/years. This means that as a social media manager you must learn to use ALL tools as there is a high chance they might all be merged into the Facebook Business suite.


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