Do You Think Digital Marketing is a Priority for Zimbabwe Businesses?

Digital Marketing Courses Harare Zimbabwe

As businesses in Zimbabwe continue to struggle during this transition period and harsh economic climate, digital marketing is an essential tool to keep your business moving forward.

With the economy being as it is today, implementing the most effective marketing strategy is the key to any business survival and future growth.

Traditional marketing proved to be more and more expensive over the past few years especially as it limits you to a specific location and large, un-targeted audience. With digital and social media marketing, you can reach potential new clients on a local, regional and global scale.

One of the first steps when embarking on digital and social media marketing is to identify your specific target market. When asked that question, many business owners and marketers would say “but we sell to everyone, so who is my specific target market?” Well, think of a product and service you are offering and determine which category of clients bring you 80% of the business when selling that product or service. Think about the clients’ age, gender, occupation and level of income and marital status to start with. Then think through the communication channels they use the most, including digital and social media channels. This process will help you to create the most relevant content for the clients you want to attract.

The next step is to look at the skill set of your employees and your own as a business owner or a company marketing manager/director, even a CEO. Do you as a senior manager have a basic understanding how digital marketing works and how applying a systematic approach to it you can enhance your business? Do your employees and staff have a basic skill set to effectively promote your company products and services online? If the answer is no, invest in equipping yourself and your most relevant employees and teams with a skill set in digital and social media marketing.

With the knowledge and practical implementation of digital marketing techniques, you will be able to create and implement digital marketing campaigns that will enhance your business at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing and reach markets well beyond the current reach.

Also, when you are using digital marketing, it is much easier to track your client numbers and their engagements. Social media pages and websites have analytics pages running in the background that show you where your clients come from and calculate the number of potential clients reading your media updates and blog posts.

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