Facebook, Google & HubSpot Courses Now Available to All DMI Students…

DMI Partner Courses from Google, Facebook & HubSpot

and we at NK Digital are offering a 30% discount on our flagship course.

Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) programs provide an opportunity for lifelong learning, empowering their students to retain the relevance of their digital skills alongside technological developments.

In order to fulfill its skills and knowledge transformation mission of digital professionals globally, DMI announced new partner content as part of its    Continuous  Professional  Development (CPD).

DMI Partner Courses from Google, Facebook & HubSpot

DMI Partners

The professionals with DMI certification already have access to exclusive CPD  content and courses that improve their knowledge and skills, helping them to remain informed, relevant and competitive in the area of digital marketing.

Now, in addition to their existing programs, DMI graduates have the opportunity to attend carefully selected partner courses, including programs that come from Facebook, Google, and HubSpot.

“Although DMI already offers excellent content, adding courses of global brands such as Facebook, Google, and HubSpot, we provide a learning experience that is completely unparalleled,” he said  Ken Fitzpatrick, executive director of the DMI.

“Increasing the value of the DMI certification,  our expanded CPD offer opens up a new possibility of lifelong learning. As a result, digital professionals acquire a tremendous competitive advantage – not only for themselves but also for their organizations.”

CPD  Programs  that  are  available to DMI-certified professionals include, among others:

“As the ways we conduct business continue to transform, continuous education and certification will continue to prepare the workforce for new marketing models, building relationships with potential buyers and the way we sell,” said  Chris Lodolce, the director of HubSpot Academy.

We are pleased to extend our Partnership  with the  DMI  and  together provide an education that will improve the technological and  business skills of professionals, preparing them to respond to challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution being the Digital Economy.”

To celebrate this latest development, we at NKDigital are offering 30% off our flagship Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing until the end of October. And if that is not enough, how does an interest-free 3-month payment plan sound? 



DMI is a global standard for professional education and certification in digital marketing with over 27,000  Alumni Members and partners in over  135  countries. Founded in Ireland, its clients include IBM, Black & Decker, Microsoft, PWC, the University of Utah, and the University of Vermont.

DMI’s Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC), consists of leaders from companies such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn, IBM, IAB, WPP, and others. In addition to defining trends in the industry,  GIAC manages the development of DMI programs and certification.


Nikolina Kobali is an international digital marketing specialist with the goal and passion to provide world-class information and knowledge to an array of professionals, including marketers and young people through internationally recognized qualifications by DMI that not only equip but inspire them with new possibilities, both at home and abroad.


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