3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Business with Facebook

Need More Facebook Likes

Did you know that the Internet penetration in Zimbabwe is nearly 50 % meaning that nearly 5mil Zimbabweans are using the Internet every day.

So, with such high numbers of daily Internet users, the use of Social media has exponentially increased over the past 3 years. Facebook, being the most popular of the social media platforms, has over 800,000 users in Zim using it on a regular, if not daily basis.

Some business owners feel Facebook would be a waste of time, but there are many ways you can use it to your advantage and grow your business in Zimbabwe. Here are a couple of tips to do this.

Brand Awareness

With Facebook you can easily and quickly build your company brand awareness and at the fraction of the cost. Your company Facebook page can show your products and services to an array of potential clients as well as be a great way to get customer testimonials and feedback for your business.

Promoting Your Company Specials & Sales

It’s not always easy to keep in contact with your existing client base. Instead of emailing or text messaging your existing clients with news about promotions, sales and specials, you can easily use your Facebook page to post updates about what your business has to offer. But do not forget to be of value to your potential and existing customers.

Grow your Company’s Client Base

Using Facebook advertising enables you to place your company ads in the news feed of the potential clients. There is a misconception that Facebook advertising is expensive and out of reach for many business owners, but in fact with a modest monthly budget, you can dictate everything from gender, and age to proximity to your business to make sure the right people click on your ads.

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