Traditional Marketers have been around for generations. Some of the best marketing campaigns are responsible for making eggs and bacon, the go-to breakfast foods. Introducing diamonds as the most valuable form of jewellery. Even ’casual Friday which was a guerrilla marketing campaign done by Levi.

So you may ask, why must traditional marketers upgrade to digital?

The digital world is growing

It’s no secret that the digital revolution is upon us. Zimbabwe’s internet penetration increased by 13.7% in the last year. Resulting in 62.9% of the population now being online. What does this mean for traditional marketers and sales professionals?

It means that their prospects are no longer looking up towards billboards or posters but they are constantly looking down at their phones.

Content marketing and how we sell has evolved.

Content marketing like everything in the digital world is evolving. As so aptly put by South Park, Advertising has changed.

As you can see in the above video, consumers are no longer interested in being advertised to. Most marketing campaigns have been interlinked with content marketing. With the decrease in attention spans; the content itself has become the most important tool of marketing.

Influencer marketing has changed the way consumers make buying decisions.

At the beginning of 2020, Beyonce put up a black tile. You would think that a blank picture wouldn’t create buzz but that black tile broke the internet. Generating over 15000 likes in one minute. The tile although posted on Instagram but soon became a trending topic on Twitter. Result? A very engaged, ready to consume audience.

Influencers have changed the game, both micro influencers and macro influencers. While prospects are no longer interested in advertising, they are interested in what their favourite celebrities have to say about their favourite products.

There’s more good news for marketers. Prospects are also interested in what their local trusted community leaders and influencers have to say too.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing can work together.

Upgrading from traditional marketing, does not mean ”out with the old and in with the new”. Integrating these two forms of marketing can actually offer more cost effective or even free forms of marketing like blogging. You can turn some of your blog posts and online newsletters into pamphlets or mini books to share with your customers when they visit your shops.

Using both tactics can also help you target a wider demographic. This allows you to catch those that are online whilst also marketing to those that are still yet to find the digital world.

Point is you need both skills to be a great marketing and sales professional.

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