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Dates: 07 & 08 May 2021


Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling

Social selling tools and techniques are now an essential part of any successful sales strategy and are revolutionizing sales and prospecting.

This professional digital and social selling certification will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and engage prospects to drive that sale.


2-day short course




Blend of  Lectures & Online study
+ Quizzes
+ Practicals


$ 250
x 2 instalments

Courses Overseen by the Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC). The GIAC members are people tech leaders and influencers from across the globe, and from top global and technology brands. They’re digital trendspotters, on the trail of new ideas, razor-sharp insights, and transformative opportunities. Members include:

What will you learn?

This Certified Digital and Social Selling program will teach you key practical techniques and strategies to sell effectively online.

Perfect for sales and marketing teams of companies and corporates to rapidly learn how to sell online to acquire more prospects, reduce lead times and drive strong revenue.

Here’s what we will cover in this Digital & Selling course


Fundamentals of Social Selling

The Fundamentals of Social Selling module will demonstrate the value of social selling and how incorporating digital techniques into the sales process can enhance your performance.

Finding and Targeting Prospects

This module will help you understand how to use social research to build accurate personas for your target sector(s).It will explore the most relevant conversations and behaviour to help you set the scene for more contextual and personalised engagement with your target prospects.

Attracting Customers

This module will help you attract the ideal prospects by making sure they find you easily by using digital and social techniques. It will ensure you appear in their social network feeds and rank highly in search results. You will understand how to anticipate the needs of your target audience for informative, educational social content.

Increasing Engagement

This module will explore the needs and motivations of buyers and show you how to provide the right value-add content to build trust with potential and existing customers.It will help you understand buyer behavior on social networks and curate content through insight into your buyers to engage prospects.

Closing and Retaining

An essential and sometimes tricky part of the sales process, this module will show you how to use social to convert and retain customers so that you ultimately increase revenues. It will help you to strengthen relationships with buyers in your network, use social to encourage direct engagement and increase conversions using a range of social/digital tools and techniques.
The DMI diploma in digital marketing is very comprehensive and equipped me with the knowledge to develop effective digital strategies for the business that I lead.
There are vast opportunities for business growth through digital marketing.
Sabina Manduna

Econet Wireless

What can you expect?

Designed for busy sales professionals that require applicable practical skills, this program uses dynamic video, interactive learning and practical exercises to provide you with a hands-on learning experience.

As this is a five to eight – hour program, you can choose to learn everything in one day or dip in an out of content as and when you need it.

Become a Certified Digital & Social Selling Professional

Boost your credibility and advance your knowledge, role and career.

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