Roles & Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketer In 2022
Roles & Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketer

While the digital marketing industry continues to grow, the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer also increased. A digital marketer is in charge of all marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and is crucial in increasing brand awareness in the digital world to drive traffic and generate leads. So what are the roles and responsibilities of digital marketers in 2022? 

When you step into the world of digital marketing it’s critical to comprehend the critical roles in the field of digital marketing, as well as the essential characteristics required for these roles. The problem most marketers face is having to work in a field that they’re not comfortable such as an SEO specialist working as a social media manager. This might work in some cases but the safest thing to do as a modern digital marketer is to choose your expertise within the field and stick with it.

There are many fields in digital marketing but they all share some common things that are essential for every digital marketer. So here are our six key roles and responsibilities that every digital marketer should acquire and abide by.

Lead Generation

No matter what field you specialize in, lead generation or bringing in new customers is a key responsibility that is common to all fields of digital marketing. All these different channels work together for one common goal of lead generation which is one thing modern marketer is responsible for.

Tip: Make sure you include a Call to Action that stands out!

Be Aware of Matrices

Matrices are critical because they help brands determine whether campaigns are successful and provide insights into how to improve future campaigns. This is why every marketer should be aware of important matrices in their field of specialization and how to measure them.

Top Tip: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is critical for online success which is why this is one of the biggest responsibilities. Everything that digital marketers do is always in search of online success. Let’s keep it real, no business dreams of failing and this is why marketers are tasked with this not-so-easy but enjoyable task. Brand awareness is a long journey full of learning and adjusting and it’s important to have experience and patience in this area as it is one of the main things a digital marketer does.

According to a quote by Warren Buffett on 99designs, it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. How do you build your brand using digital marketing tools?

Increase ROI of Paid Campaigns

Company executives will be smiling reading this because one thing they really love is a return on investment or ROI. To marketers, it’s especially useful for tracking progress over time and removing uncertainty from future business decisions. You should easily see what to invest in and what not to invest in and quickly tweak your campaign for better performance.

Identify Trends

If you are a digital marketer no one should be aware of new trends in the digital world more than you. This helps you to keep up to pace with not only your competition but the digital marketing world in general.

By staying current, you’ll be constantly learning new tools and ways to be more efficient. This will provide you with a greater variety of things to work with, allowing you to experiment with more things and generate new ideas.

A hint: Keep in mind not to get lost in the world of trends making sure you manage this responsibility well.

Competitor Analysis

While competitors’ analysis is something you don’t always have to do, it is something that digital marketers have responsibility for.

The importance of competitor analysis is to understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your own, as well as to identify a market gap. Competitor analysis is important because it will assist you in determining how to improve your own business strategy.

Some digital marketers feel like competition is bad but we need the competition to ”keep us on our toes” and keep improving what and how we do our marketing. It is our duty to keep staring at those in the rear view mirror.


The roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer go a long way beyond this and can get specific to what role the person will be playing or what exactly they do, but the above-mentioned roles are the basic things expected of every marketer. Do you feel like there are some other honourable mentions we should have included in this blog?

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