How Certification in Digital Marketing Gets You a Dream Job
Professional Certification in Digital marketing

At these uncertain times and as the end of 2020 is approaching, you must rise to the challenge of implementing the changes you know you need to make in your business and in your life to evolve, adapt, and thrive.

Some 5+ years ago I started my new career path in digital marketing and never looked back working from home and doing what I love most – teaching and mentoring business people how to grow their careers and business using digital marketing tools!

As you know it is important to put your best foot forward when applying for your next job or starting a new career. Adding a professional certification in Digital Marketing to your CV can help you not only to stand out from other candidates but can also make you stay ahead of the competition and earn you more money as we outlined in our 4 Reasons to Get Digitally Certified blog.

Be the architect of your dreams

So, in spite of the harsh economic climate, in this digital era driven by the internet, e-commerce, influencers etc, you have an opportunity to be the architect of our own dreams and more than just aspiring for that dream job we have the opportunity to build your own Dream and to get your dream job.

Getting professionally certified doesn’t only look good to any future employer but it gives you the tools to build your own digital footprint and become the thought leader in your chosen field.

Be ahead of the pack

Because the field of digital marketing is forever changing and expanding, earning your Digital Certification now ensures you are ahead of the pack as the demand for Certified Digital Marketers in the country and across the world is fast growing.

Be creative & practical

Being certified also ensures your versatility to be able to expand and adapt to the changing digital climate. Digital Marketing offers you the unique ability to be creative and practical at the same time.

Not only is there plenty of opportunities for creativity in writing, design, and even video and audio production, there is also room for day-to-day creativity as you will need to think of new ways to market products, solve problems using various digital tools, and engage your target audiences across a spectrum of digital platforms.

Become an internationally certified digital marketing professional by Christmas

Revamp or kick start your career in this exciting and fast-growing field of marketing and achieve your 2020 goals and beyond. How?

Join us at our live, in-person lecture course starting 2 October 2021 at SABRE Business World, Harare and finish 2021 strong. Check this link for full course details –

Good luck and I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

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