What is a content marketing strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing drives valuable search traffic and social engagement. These in turn can increase the number of valuable actions taken by your audience.

Affiliate Marketing. What Is It?

Affiliate Marketing Works

Our latest article will give a rundown of the history of affiliate marketing online, and outline the benefits of including affiliate marketing as part of your online marketing media mix.

Content Marketing Principles

Content Marketing Principles

No matter what kind of digital marketing you engage in, you are going to need great content. Great content doesn’t involve plugging your products endlessly. Instead, it offers real value to people – and most importantly, it serves a purpose. This is where the content marketing principles come into play. read more here.

Benefits of Being a Certified Digital Marketer

Value of Being a Certified Digital Marketer

It’s becoming a widely accepted fact that becoming a digital marketer does not necessarily require a four-year degree. Digital marketing is a field where proven ability supersedes four years of school. In fact, many would argue that digital marketing certification is even better than a college degree and maybe the best way to demonstrate that you have invested time and energy into learning and mastering the skills of your craft.

How does Google work?

How Google Works

For every time you have opened the search engine Google, have you ever wondered how does Google work ? We break it down for you.

Marketing Skills in Demand

Top marketing skils

As digital marketing is now spanning across such a diverse range of core areas we have rounded up three types of digital marketing areas and their corresponding skills . Read more in our latest blog.

4 Major Skills of Social Media Managers

Major Skills of Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers have become an integral part of marketing departments in many companies and organizations. If you are one of those looking for an opportunity in the field of digital and social media marketing, in this article we outline the 4 major skills.

Women in Digital Marketing across Africa

They are women in digital marketing in Africa that are doing amazing and great things that have evolved into more than just digital marketing. Check our latest blog for more details of them.

The 4 New Instagram Updates

New Instagram Update

In November 2020 Instagram made 4 new updates you need to be aware of to be a more effective social media manager. Read more in our latest blog.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into 8 main types. This article takes you through them and the career options associated with them.