Social Media Terms You Should Know

Social Media Terminology

If you are new to the digital marketing world, no doubt you have come across social media terms that prompt you to search Google. We have broken down the terms for you per platform, these terms will not only make you seem savvy at marketing conferences, but they will also assist you in your day to to day management of social media platforms.

Facebook Business Suite & Other Tools


Facebook launched different tools to help with the management of Facebook pages including Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio & Business Manager. Check them here in our latest blog.

What is Facebook Business Suite?

What Is Facebook Business Suite ? Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, digital marketers and small business owners have been looking for ways to make the two platforms work together more smoothly. One could cross-promote their posts from one channel to the other but doing that has always been clumsy and usually required a […]

Four Benefits of Facebook for business pages

A Facebook page has many potential benefits for your business , some are similar to other digital platforms your business can use like website and emails . The combined unique and and similar benefits listed below make Facebook a very important tool to increase sales and profits for your business.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook for Business

2.6 Billion people are why it is important to have your Facebook Business Page correctly optimized with some SEO best practices in order to maximize conversions. There is a correlation between a well-developed social presence and your search rankings. Within this post, you will learn some essential rules that will increase your Facebook page visibility.