7 Benefits of Studying Digital Marketing Online

benefits of studying digital marketing online

During the past weeks, many businesses have realized the importance of digital transformation and the benefits of investing in their staff to study digital marketing.

Also, as individuals, we had some time during the lockdown to contemplate our future and where to invest our time and money that will benefit our future. If you have also come to the conclusion that studying digital marketing can greatly enhance your life and career, here are our top seven benefits of doing so.

1. Map Your Own Career

Digital Marketing skills equip you with the right knowledge to be able to map out your own online career. From Social Selling, Social Media Marketing to SEO / Search, all these different aspects of digital marketing provide you with a broad set of options that can help you guarantee your future in these uncertain times.

2. Learn in Order to Adapt & Grow

As so aptly put by Mark Battarson, ‘The most important law of ecology is this: L ≥ C. For an organism to survive, the rate of LEARNING must be equal to or greater than the rate of CHANGE happening around them. With the rate of change escalating, we must learn faster, learn better, and learn more.’

This is highly applicable to the current era of digitalization and the 4th revolution where things are changing daily and therefore we must learn how to learn fast! Going into school or university for a 3-year degree that might be outdated by the time you are finished is counterproductive and costly in both your time and money. That is why many HR officers across most industries are now recommending professional diplomas and certificates to gain or hone in your skills.

3. Better Salary

With the high demand for digital skills comes higher salaries. If you’re looking for the number one reason to start learning today. This is it ‘money.’ Not only is digital marketing the best way to earn a higher salary but the most cost-effective way to market your business online.

4. High Demand

Although other employment types are depleting there’s increasing high demand for digital marketers across the world. A report done by the Left bank found that ‘over half of companies hiring this year want digital marketing expertise.’ This makes this the right time to study digital marketing and become employable across the world.

5. Diversifying Your Income

Even if you already have a business. Studying Digital Marketing will ensure that you have an extra way to make money and thus even if your main business or project doesn’t make any income during this shutdown period. Digital Marketing can help you earn extra income to cover your expenses.

6. Flexibility

During this period most people have not been able to leave the house. Not only can you study digital marketing from the comfort of your house. You can start working remotely as well. You don’t have to worry about extreme start-up costs as you can build up your empire without ever leaving the house.

7. Creativity

For the creative at heart studying Digital Marketing is the field for you. Because this is a new and ever-evolving field. This allows you to get creative as you learn the different things that audiences around you react to and what works and what doesn’t. As aspects of the field keep changing every year you are guaranteed never to get bored.

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